Hypothes.is instructions

Here are the instructions for downloading Hypothesis and joining the Digital Hermeneutics annotation group.

1. You have to create a Hypothesis account first: https://hypothes.is/register

2. Please use your real name as your username, so I know who you are. You can then join the group by clicking this link: https://hypothes.is/groups/pA8Ja79d/digital-hermeneutics-2020.

3. Make sure to install the Chrome web extension so you can easily create annotations (if you don’t have Chrome, please download it here).

4. Go to the online PDF versions of the required readings.

5. In case Hypothesis doesn’t open, click on the Hypothesis extension icon to open the PDF in Hypothesis:

6. You might need to log in, or select the Digital Hermeneutics annotation group:

7. Select a part of the text and click “Annotate”:

8. Write the annotation in the window to the right:

9. Add the tag “DIGHUM160” (don’t forget to hit Enter in order to have the tag show up) and click “Post to Digital Hermeneutics 2020”:

10. You can also reply to other people’s questions. I have left several questions for you to address in the annotations already. You can do so by hitting the “reply” button underneath the annotation. You’ll also find buttons to edit, trash, or share your annotations there.